Pregnancy Week 33

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"Lanugo, the downy soft fur-like hair that covers babies is beginning to shed."

More About Week 33:

  • Your baby's skull is quite pliable and the bony plates won't fuse until after birth. This ability will help the baby fit through the bones of the mother's pelvis for birth.
  • Your baby is drinking in, and urinating, about a pint of amniotic fluid a day.
  • Your baby can see, hear, taste, smell and touch. baby's sense of smell and taste is very well developed at the time of birth since amniotic fluid takes on the flavor of your meals.
  • Your baby's toenails are completely formed.
  • Most babies are head down by this week. A mother may feel upward kicks under her rib cage.
  • Your baby weights about 4.4 pounds.

Healthy Pregnancy Tips for Week 33

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