Pregnancy Week 24

BirthWatch ticker week for 24

"Your baby can more easily hear deep, male voices than higher-pitched female voices."

More About Week 24:

  • The baby is developing taste buds.
  • Your baby's lungs are developing bronchial branches.
  • Surfactant is a substance that helps your baby's lungs inflate on the first breath of life after birth. The baby is now producing cells now that will create surfactant.
  • Your uterus is not a quiet place. Your baby is enjoying the gurgles and hisses of your organs.
  • Your baby has distinctly formed lips now.
  • Your baby begins to yawn after 24 weeks. Yawning is a special skill that helps baby's brain develop fully.
  • The baby is most active between weeks 24 through 28.

Healthy Pregnancy Tips for Week 24

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