Week 24: Time to think about creating a healthy pregnancy no matter your size.

BirthWatch Tips
  • Skin that is stretching can get very itchy. Moisturizing regularly can help. Try olive oil or aloe vera.
  • Are you experiencing pregnancy as an obese woman? You may be very interested in "The Well-Rounded Mama" blog dedicated to providing women of size pregnancy information without judgment or scare tactics. The Well-Rounded Mama
  • Your uterus is the size of a soccer ball. Visible Human Embryo
  • While lying on your back, either for sleep or exercise, keep a small folded towel under your right hip to displace the weight of your uterus off the vein that returns blood to your heart. If you ever feel dizzy, light-headed or nauseous while lying on your back, just roll over on your side until the sensation passes.
  • Many women find their fingernails and hair grow much more quickly during pregnancy.
  • Learn how to do a proper squat to strengthen the major muscles you'll need to birth your baby. Scientific research suggests squatting is the best way to prepare your pelvic floor for birth and lifelong health and continence.
  • Before going crazy with baby gift registries, ask your friends about all the stuff they thought they needed but ended up being useless.

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How Doctors Think

This is the one book I wish every woman would read before she gets too far into her prenatal appointments. This book takes you through the algorithmic thinking of doctors and shows you how it helps your doctor BE a better doctor if you ask lots of open-ended questions about your care, in particular tests, procedures and medical interventions. Remember, informed consent is your right, but YOU must ask for it.

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