Pregnancy Week 27

BirthWatch ticker week for 27

"Your baby now weighs about 2 lbs and is about 14.5 inches long."

More About Week 27:

  • A baby's chance of survival if born now is about 80%. However, serious, life-long complications remain likely for babies born at this stage of a pregnancy. Aim to carry your baby the full 40 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Your baby's muscle tone is improving and his or her body is filling out every day.
  • Thumb sucking in utero strengthens the cheek and jaw muscles for breastfeeding.
  • The baby will respond to touch and playing with your baby is possible now.
  • Your baby's umbilical cord is strong and filled with a jelly-like substance that allows the cord to be pulled, twisted, gasped, squeezed and pinched without risk to baby.
  • Your baby will suck on anything that can reach his or her mouth: Hands, umbilical cord, toes or knees. Sucking provides vital neural connections in baby's brain.

Healthy Pregnancy Tips for Week 27

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