Week 30: Time to think about finding a local pool for swimming and walking, which can alleviate swelling and make you feel great.

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  • Pregnancy massage can go a long way in easing the aches and pains of your changing body. Check out your local massage school for potential price breaks. And remember, the aches and pains you feel are the healthy reaction of your body preparing for birth. Your body is doing just what it should.
  • If you are feeling clumsy because of your changing center of gravity, be careful of bike riding or running on uneven surfaces.
  • Swelling in pregnancy can be alleviated by swimming, or just spending time walking in a pool.
  • Your uterus may be growing under Your ribs now. Visible Human Embryo
  • Try to get 250 mg of Omega 3 essential fatty acids into your diet every day and you'll reduce your chances of a c-section.
  • Women who described their births as positive has these aspects in common: 1) Labor was described in terms of accomplishment, 2) Women felt in control, 3) Women had increased self-esteem and confirmation of their self worth, 4) Women had positive or humorous memories of their care providers.
  • The common components of emotional support in labor are: Compassion, responsiveness to emotional needs, maintaining a positive attitude, providing comfort through touch, and the ability to change to fit the laboring woman's emotional needs. It's time to think about who you will bring with you in labor for emotional support and who can provide these components of emotional care.

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