Week 29: Time to think about taking a good childbirth education class. Research shows women who take classes are more confident and have less anxiety about the pain of labor because they've learned coping skills.

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  • Some of your baby's vigorous kicks may take your breath away. Fetal movement kick counts are a terrific way of checking in on the health and movement of your the baby. You should be able to count 10 kicks in 1 hour while baby is vigorously moving. About.com
  • Hemorrhoids are common in pregnancy. Remember to keep a solidly nutritious diet with lots of fiber to prevent having to strain while using the bathroom. Soothing witch hazel pads can reduce the swelling of hemorrhoids.
  • Bringing labor support people with you who can continuously attend to your emotional, physical and informational needs increases your chances of having a normal vaginal birth with less pain medication used and a higher chance of having positive memories about your birth experience.
  • Do you have Restless Leg Syndrome? Cutting down on caffeine and massaging the lower legs can help. Baby Center
  • When talking about choices with your care provider, always ask: "Is it possible to…?" And, "Is there any reason we cannot…?" "What would it take for me to be able to ….?" Always frame your questions so that your care provider has to answer your questions with more than a yes or no response.
  • Are you worried about how to cope with the pain of labor? Taking a great, independent childbirth class can equip you with a huge back of pain coping techniques, skills and tricks. Lamaze International
  • Increasing the amount of fiber and water in your diet can help prevent heartburn and constipation.

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The Business of Being Born

This is a DVD. Watch this DVD (available for purchase at Amazon.com or at your local library or through Netflix) in your 1st or early 2nd trimester and think about how your prenatal appointments are going. Are you satisfied with your care provider? Are your appointments long enough for you to get answers to all your questions? Do you leave feeling listened to and respected? The Business of Being Born can help you sort out your feelings about what you need in a maternity care provider. If your fit isn't right now, it's not going to improve in the labor and delivery room. Continue to shop around for the care provider that fits you best.

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