Pregnancy Week 37

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"Your baby's lanugo is continuing to disappear."

More About Week 37:

  • Braxton-Hicks contractions may be more uncomfortable and frequent now. These contractions help build uterine muscle fibers to get ready for the forceful work of labor.
  • Your baby may have hair as long as 1.5 inches at this point.
  • Babies have been seen to make crying motions and face grimaces during ultrasound scans, proving baby has a wide variety of emotions while still in utero. Have you tried singing to your baby? Once born, your baby will recognize your voice and song!
  • Your baby is spending more time awake now.
  • Your baby has probably reached his or her birth length by now. Baby will continue to put on brown fat, a special fat that is metabolized by baby at birth until the mother's milk comes in.
  • Baby is just starting to mature, however, most babies still need several more weeks for "the finishing touches" to mature lungs and put on enough brown fat. No reason to rush... enjoy these last 3-5 weeks.

Healthy Pregnancy Tips for Week 37

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