Week 7: Time to think about choosing the best health care provider and place of birth for you.

BirthWatch Tips
  • What facilities are available for having a baby in your area? Do you have birth centers? Do different hospitals offer birth tubs or other tools to cope with labor? The Birth Survey
  • The months of pregnancy are necessary for babies to develop and grow, for women's bodies to prepare for birth and for women to become mothers. -- The Lamaze Approach to Pregnancy. How are you preparing to become a mother? Lamaze International
  • Pregnancy provides an opportunity for mothers and their partners to begin forming lifelong bonds with their babies. -- The Lamaze Approach to Pregnancy. Do you and your partner sing or talk to your baby? Lamaze International
  • A good support system, a healthy lifestyle and the ability to cope with the stresses of life promote a healthy pregnancy, a healthy birth and a healthy baby. -- The Lamaze Approach to Pregnancy. How are you making adjustments to cope with the stresses of life during pregnancy? Lamaze International
  • Your health care provider and place of birth can increase or decrease Your confidence in the normalcy of pregnancy and Your ability to have a healthy baby (from Lamaze International). Lamaze International
  • Lamaze education empowers women to gain confidence in their bodies, trust their inner wisdom and to make informed decisions about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parenting (The Lamaze Approach to Pregnancy). Lamaze International
  • You are peeing more now than usual because your body is making more blood, which it needs to sustain a healthy pregnancy and grow a healthy baby. All that extra blood gets processed through your kidneys and that results in more trips to the bathroom.

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BirthWatch Recommends:

The Working Woman's Pregnancy Book

It's the open-mindedness of this book that makes it great. Written by an obstetrician who acknowledges the emotional and social factors of pregnancy in the workplace. You'll feel more calm and collected about being pregnant and working and what healthy modifications you might want to make at work.

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