Week 5: Time to think about coping with nausea and vomitting during early pregnancy.

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  • Thinking of conceiving? Start taking prenatal vitamins with 800 micrograms of folate or folic acid before you are pregnant to insure you have adequate levels before you conceive a baby. Having adequate levels of this nutrient helps insure your baby won't have neural tub defects and can help prevent premature delivery. March of Dimes
  • Congratulations on your new pregnancy! Now is the time to gather the resources and people you need make smart, informed decisions. Think about who or what will help: Your partner? Your family? Friends? Health care provider? Books? Classes? Lamaze International
  • Think about taking an early pregnancy class to help you understand prenatal choices. Midwives, birth centers and birth doulas, baby stores and hospitals offer early pregnancy classes to newly pregnant women. Education! When you know better, you do better. (Maya Angelou) Lamaze International
  • You may begin to feel more nausea as the placenta develops further. Try eating several small meals instead of 3 large meals and make sure you're eating some protein at every meal. Try ginger or peppermint to calm the queasiness. The Mayo Clinic

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How Doctors Think

This is the one book I wish every woman would read before she gets too far into her prenatal appointments. This book takes you through the algorithmic thinking of doctors and shows you how it helps your doctor BE a better doctor if you ask lots of open-ended questions about your care, in particular tests, procedures and medical interventions. Remember, informed consent is your right, but YOU must ask for it.

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