Week 19: Time to think about how you want to celebrate your baby's birth: Blessingway or traditional baby shower?

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  • By now, your breasts are making colostrum, the precursor to breast milk. The composition of your colostrum will change every day until your the baby is born, making it the perfect food for your baby at the time of birth.
  • If you have round ligament pain, a sharp or pulling sensation on one side of your lower belly when you twist, bend, or reach, get into the habit of moving a little slower and supporting your belly with your hands when you move from sitting or laying down. Moist heat from a heating pad or rice sock can also help relax the ligaments that are causing pain. BabyCenter.com
  • Exercise during pregnancy can improve your mood, control your blood pressure and prepare your body for the work of labor, birth and early parenthood. Exercise after baby arrives is an important component of mental health as well. Blessingway Book
  • The ligaments that support your growing uterus are getting stretched and you may feel some achiness in your lower abdomen. BabyCenter.com
  • In the United States, more and more women are trading the traditional baby shower for a more meaningful mother blessing ceremony. These ceremonies celebrate a woman's passage into motherhood. Guests may bring gifts for the baby, but the emphasis is on the encouraging, supporting and inspiring the mother. (Lamaze International) Blessingway Book
  • Watching the "Baby Story" on television is no substitute for good, quality childbirth education classes. The best childbirth classes increase your confidence in your ability to give birth. Good classes allow plenty of time for discussion, sharing concerns, and figuring out what kind of birth you want. You should leave class feeling assured rather than fearful. Lamaze International
  • Tailor sitting and squatting are great for stretching the inner thighs and increasing flexibility in your hips. About.com

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